We are the Pure Bloods the Not Vaxed and Proud to be.

We are the ones that stood firm and showed we will persevere. That we will triumph over all the bs that has been before us. were called uneducated and were told we are the reason they wear masks while driving solo in their own cars.

One thing I got from the schools I went to was from a janitor he said Don’t trust the teachers learn fr4om the books they were designed to teach you the basics needed in life. funny it was so true. the less the teacher spoke the more you learned from the books. now I will not say all teachers were bad. the ones that taught the facts were the ones that were soon removed and most involved.

are we uneducated cause we didn’t take the COVID VACCINES? hell no we are true to ourselves and we will not be forced to believe a false narrative.

Now we embark on life’s journeys again we see the facts family members who outlasted us who treated us as if we were the cause of the plague. only to find their health diminished from the vaccines. I wont say all vaccines are bad. I will only say that most approved from the same USDA that approved canola oil for human consumption.

Not only is Not-vaxed.us your home for meeting the person of your world, its a traditional site where men will be men and women will be women. God has said “a kingdom against itself will not stand”.

we also will be launching a sports network comprised of non covid vaxed athletes Sports leagues


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